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  • What is the project workflow?

    Step 1: Research. We will communicate with our clients well, listen to them careful, and understand what they really want, what the best solution is and what style of the website/web application they want. We will provide our professional suggestions to them, including but not limited to the market analysis, risk management and etc

    Step 2: Plan. We will use the information gathered from step 1 to design the blueprint. We will also determine which skill/framework will be used. Beside that, development duration and the estimated cost will also be provided. The payment plan will also be discussed during this step.

    Step 3: Develop. We will use the framework/skill set determined from step 2 to finish the work. The total cost of the project and the development duration is based on the complexity. We will communicate with our clients if we have any newly discovered concerns.

    Step 4: Deliver we are going to deliver the (partial) finished project. The delivery method will either be fully delivery or partial delivery, which is set in step 2.The delivery package will contain the source code of the project, all the related media files, as well as instructions.

  • What customer services do we provide?

    To satisfy all of our customers is our goal. If you have any questions or concern, feel free to contact us via Email or telephone. We are here to help, includes but not limited to website operation, minor modification, SEO plan, risk analyst.

    We can be reach by info@boundlesscreation or 410-929-5358

  • What if I want to modify my design plan during the development process?

    You can modify your design plan anytime during the development process. Feel free to contact us with your concern or suggestion. We will listen and follow your updated requirement carefully and start to refine the project immediately.

    Additional charge might be applied to the extra work.

  • What payment method do we accept?

    Our payment methods include PayPal, Google Checkout, money order, business check and bank wire transfer.

  • What delivery plan do we provide?

    We can make the full delivery upon the completion of the project. We can also make the partial delivery upon the request from our customers.

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