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We are an independent consulting and not-bound-to-one software company. This freedom enables us to choose the most suitable software/developing platform for our customers in different circumstances. We specialize in all main sectors of web technology as well as eBusiness to provide clients with extraordinary services, such as online marking and search engine optimization, e-Commerce, fully data driven website development, etc. at an affordable rate. To save time and money, we believe in starting from standard software and tailoring it to provide the best solution to your needs.

We provide the magnificent web design services tailored to business and organizational sectors. The majority of our services are E-commerce Web development and custom Web programming, as well as Content Management System (CMS), database design and modification. Our goal is to help companies to increase revenue through online marketing and free organic search engine optimization. Our solutions have been proven to work well be economical for our customers.

Our Process

  • Step 1 Research

    During this step, we will communicate with our clients well, listen to them careful, and understand what they really want, what the best solution is and what style of the website/web application they want. We will provide our professional suggestions to them, including but not limited to the market analysis, risk management and etc.

  • Step 2 Plan

    During this step, we will use the information gathered from step 1 to design the blueprint. We will also determine which skill/framework will be used. Beside that, development duration and the estimated cost will also be provided. The payment plan will also be discussed during this step.

  • Step 3 Develop

    During this step, we will use the framework/skill set determined from step 2 to finish the work. The total cost of the project and the development duration is based on the complexity. We will communicate with our clients if we have any newly discovered concerns.

  • Step 4 Deliver

    During this step, we are going to deliver the (partial) finished project. The delivery method will either be fully delivery or partial delivery, which is set in step 2.The delivery package will contain the source code of the project, all the related media files, as well as instructions.

Meet The Team

  • HorseKing
    CEO & Founder

    HorseKing is the founder and CEO of Boundless Creation LLC. He obtained his bachelor and master degree of Computer Science in University of New Brunswick, Canada. He has tremendous experience of web development. He is the specialist in .Net and SQL field. He has excellent skills of MVC Framework, Html, XHTML,jQuery, JavaScript, LINQ, Entity Framework, Design Patterns, Dependency Injection, etc.

    HorseKing is a workaholic and very good in multiple tasking and project management. He can always catch the deadline along with great pressure. He is excellent in critical thinking as well as detail oriented.

  • Olivia
    Business Lead & co-Founder

    Olivia is our business lead. She obtained her her master degree of Business Administration in loyola university. She has 5 years experience in e-commerce field and she is proficient in Six-Sigma methodology, global strategic planning, project feasibility analysis, process improvement, budget planning, logistics, marketing & advertisement, customer service & support.

    Olivia is intelligent, problem-solving, and detail-oriented. Also, she has a wide range of knowledge, rich experience and excellent business analysis skills. Our clients will experience an exclusive and professional service with her help.

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